How a Facebook post meant more than any business award

Over the years Valour Group has been lucky enough to win numerous business awards including ‘business of the year.’ and best company ‘community and socially responsibility programme’  Winning these awards has been great for PR and company profile.

Everyone involved in any business knows how much of a team effort achieving success is. Each time one of my companies has been nominated for an award it has made me very proud for the great team I am lucky enough to be surrounded by.

The awards are a chance for the team that make everything possible to put on their best party outfits and have a night together whether its in Mayfair or Cheshire.

A simple Facebook post from a very long standing and valued member of our team has made me prouder than receiving any of these awards. It was a thank you message after they left work to take a job closer to their home.

The post made me realise how important it is to strive to make everyone feel valued in a company. For a company to be truly successful everyone has to believe in the product and believe that they can make a difference to the company.

A simple post of appreciation from a long standing team member who was leaving and wasn’t obliged to make the social media post meant more to me than any business award because it showed more than just being successful someone felt really appreciated and happy in their work and valued.

How the post has motivated me to review business culture

This has motivated me to review my companies with an aim to make everyone feel valued and part of a team whilst making the company targets clear to everyone and completely transparent so everyone knows how the company is performing.



The phrase referring to my company as a family resonated with me and even though every company has to be efficient and results driven I can’t think of a better aim for 2018 than to make the company culture feel like a business family.

After all we spend more time at work than we do anywhere else so creating a family culture at work is the perfect aim for next year.